Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crash Cart

I think it's time we defibrillate this blog!

I went to see my counselor today, sometimes I am not sure if I'm getting anything out of the session but I think today was actually pretty productive. I spent most of the time talking about how unproductive I've been feeling and how impossible it seems for me to accomplish anything -- professionally and personally. I talked a lot about the long hours I work and how very taxing my job can be. I frequently get leave at 830 and do not return home until 7 or 8 after a long day of driving through traffic. I also bring my work home with me and try to motivate myself to do some work while I watch TV. Ah, TV, my other problem. If you didn't already infer from my intro, I've contracted an unhealthy addiction to Grey's Anatomy. Lifetime is trying to ruin my life by airing three episodes a night on every weekday night, they've been quite successful at it.

So my counselor gave me a couple challenges, I love when she does that, one of which is to create more balance in my life. Everyday I am to find a way to do something for myself which does not fall into the category of work or vegging. Even if I only do it for 15 minutes it counts. I have some ideas -- like reading, going for a run or bike ride, doing my short indoor work-out. But I was trying to decide what I'll do tomorrow and I was hit with an idea. I totally enjoyed last year when ya'll threw out daily activity suggestions to me during Lent (See: Me and JC). I think it would be fun to start that up again.

For this week I am going to a play on Friday and I have softball practice on Saturday. I need balance activity ideas for Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Lay 'em on me.