Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The List

Ugh, I'm doing it again. The other day someone told me there is an expression in Italian about working on a task that you're always trying to accomplish but just never seems to get done, it translates into "Building a Cathedral". That's how I feel about pretty much everything, there's just always more to do, I'm always building my cathedral. I'm still hopeful that I will eventually achieve a system, some real organization and find time to consistently and meaningfully update.

In the meantime, and old stand-by cop-out. My list. I met with my counselor today, I told her how bad I have been at accomplishing anything lately and we discussed how the first thing on my list, needs to be writing my list. Counseling costs a lot of money, it only costs me a $10 co-pay, but I got a full bill once and they charge over $200 for that hour I spend talking. So I figure if it costs that much I need to make sure I'm really following through. So, my list.

I love making lists, I have a good system too. According to this really awesome planner I had a long time ago, it was developed by Benjamin Franklin, I'm sure it was just a marketing gimmick, but either way it's simple and wonderful. You free-form write out everything you need to do, then you go through the list and rank the importance of the tasks A-D. So, without further ado:

A. Clean my room
A. Laundry, lots and lots of laundry
A. Organize my desk area
A+ Make a spray bottle of disinfectant - take it and towel into car
A. Transfer credit debt onto new Discover Card
B. Buy new laptop
B. Christmas presents
A+ Email Cultural Survival about volunteering
A. Put holiday events into planner
B+ Take care of doctors bills
A. Get prescriptions filled!
A+ Prep for tomorrow (art project, folders, plan, gift for emanuel, ingredients for dinner, other shopping)
A. Mosaics for kids
A. Card and stickers for adam
B+ Find out about Argenziano holiday party
A. E-mail about Toddler Book
A+ Figure out if I have time to pick up freecycle stuff tomorrow

Okay, so that's four A+s...I'm going to accomplish those four things tonight! I can do it! And I can already check off one list item - Make The List : CHECK!!!