Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 27

I started using Mappy as a reward when I complete tasks.  I get to play one game every time I accomplish something. This has made me more productive, I think, you be the judge:

1. Left a message with Fenway Health.
2. Called Faulkner for allergist, then called another line to register, then called back to make an appointment with the allergist.
3. Load of laundry.
4. Put away clean clothes.
5. E-mailed Bekka and Rosanna about Food and Fun.
6.  I'm stretching Lindsay's recent task into multiple tasks.  Yesterday I did online research to find out how to obtain a Museum of Science pass from the Library for FREE.  A phenomenon that my mentee recently alerted me to. If you live in the Boston area, you should definitely check out that link, I don't know why I never tried it before.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Weekend


1. Cleaned for our new weekend guests.
2.  Did two loads of laundry, with the help of Jessica -- one of our guests.
3. Bought eggs.


1. Nursed a hangover.
2.  Took a walk.
3. Girlyman show -- wonderful!


1.  Looked up Fenway Health number
2.   mmmmmm aren't lazy Sunday's wonderful?

Friday, March 27, 2009


1. Two more mosaics.
2. A little prep for today.
3. Talked with co-worker about "promotion" -- looking good.
4. Wrote to Crystal about wedding rehearsal
5. Talked with Nomi about High Scope book and possible resources for school-aged out of school time.

Hmm...I thought I accomplished more than that yesterday.  I don't count things I accomplished during work hours, because I'm being paid to do that.... maybe that's why I feel like I did more.

Any new tasks?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 22, I Think

1. Returned books to library.
2. Bought bread.
3. Picked up prizes for homework store.
4. Cemented one mosaic - made by my kids.
5. Made tea list.  Listed all loose-leaf and bagged teas we have available.
6. Experimented with Mom's Mac 'n' Cheese some more -- too thick this time.
7. Cleaned, took out trash and recycling, put away dishes, etc.
8. Watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire -- excellent suggestion!

For today???

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rashes, rashes

The oils from citrus fruits can enhance the effect of the sun on your skin; that is, result in a major sun burn that will take “a couple of months to go away;” i.e. “here’s some Hydrocortisone cream.”

This means that you may wake up one morning, days after basking yourself in the southern Californie sun, with an unchanging, non-irritating rash on your stomach. This is because, while you were locked out of your parents’ house one warm afternoon, you decided to take off most of your clothes and take in as much of the glorious, glorious light and warmth mmm of the sun as you were able. Well, hey, why not enjoy a delicious lemon while you wait, since there’s a tree right next to you. And no, don’t get up while you peel it, give in to the effects of the refreshing beer(s) with which you’ve been whiling the time and stay down, peeling said lemon(s) riiiiight over your belly. And a few days after you discover this rash, classic of classics, you’ll go to your university’s student health center to see about this strange rash that you got over spring break…

The point is that now I’m watching “The Enforcer,” a riveting cinematic account of a district attorney contending against sudden drastic odds in order to deliver justice to a rampaging, homicidal crime boss, and The Boston Story will, will! thereafter ensue. Anecdotes will include the amazing tiger-zebra chronicle, a magical man named Samuel Adams, the f-ing green line, and and and too many more to name, including reveling in the bodacious Melanie & Rachel abode and fiiiiiiinally meeting such well-loved names as Becka and Anastasia, soooo: to be continued because here's lookin' at Smiley right now (must get the most out of my Netflix money).

Over halfway there...

1. Worked out with Rachel, it was like pulling teeth but she got me to do it!
2. Balanced finances. (note, make sure not to spend much during this 2 week period)
3. Wrote Shabori back about summer job.
4. Resisted buying "snack" while shopping for Food and Fun at Market Basket -- working on saying goodbye to my winter belly.
5. Applied second coat of paint to toes.
6. Just checked and none of the Harry Potters are on Netflix instant view.  I may have to rent it unless I can find another on-line site to watch it on.  And no worries, I always enjoy a good Harry Potter viewing.

AMDG and More

1. Finished cleaning for AMDG's arrival.  
2. Finished organizing old papers.
3. Picked AMDG up at airport.
4. Took my guest to Doyle's and The Midway - Queeraoke.

1. Printed map for P (AMDG) and sent her off in the direction of Harvard Square.
2. Returned to Harvard Square with P, went to Dado for tea and mochi.
3. Went to Jacob Wirth for dinner, could hear the piano bar but the seating area was full :(
4. Went to the Tam to meet up with friends, had a shot....woooo

1. Went on walk through Arboretum and Metro-West Corridor to Sam Adam's Brewery.
2. Enjoyed lunch at Ula
3. Went on Sam Adam's Brewery tour and enjoyed beer.  Bought P a souvenir. 
4.  Went of tour of North End, enjoyed a gelato and cheese cake.

1. Mini-tour of Rosi Village: Solera, Boston Cheese Cellar, and Fornax (pictured).
2. Said goodbye to AMDG :(, took her to airport.
3. Went to Deep Banana Blackout show - amazing!  - great workout! 

1. Went grocery shopping.
2. Contemplated applying for job and decided I'm under-qualified.
3. Had consultation appointment with tattoo artist.  Made appointment to get my tattoo touched up before wedding.
4. Applied first coat of hot, hot, hot pink nail polish while listening to Beach Boys - perfect activity for a frigid spring day.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


1. Continued to clean for AMDG's arrival.  TODAY!
2. Went for ingredients and baked traditional soda bread in prep for class activity.
3. Made Bibimbop for dinner -- took me forever.
4. Rachel found, and I enjoyed, Pop Rocks (picture coming).  She found a three pack, tropical, strawberry, and watermelon, I choose watermelon -- it was awesome, a little party in my mouth.

On the docket for today: Pink toenails and The Beach Boys.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 15

1. Took Shabori, my mentee, out for lunch.  We discussed school, ambitions, family, savings, etc. I introduced her to Middle Eastern food at the aptly named Middle East. I made her try grape leaves, Arabic/Turkish coffee, and Baklawa.

2. Made appointment for tattoo touch up consultation.

3. Went with Rachel to REI to get life jacket, thanks sweety!

4. Wrote e-mails about Thursday and Friday events while AMDG is here.

5. Failed in attempt to obtain Pop Rocks.  I did find a recipe for homemade pop rocks, but it will probably be easier to find them at CVS or somewhere.

A Very Long Weekend

I've been thinking about it, and it's clear that most of my friend's parents were getting frisky when the weather warmed up -- "It's warm, I'm moving around and not just sitting on my butt freezing... let's have sex."  Because of this I have entirely too many birthday events to attend from February to March:

1. Allison -- (2 events) January 30th and 31st (this is close enough to count)
3. Janet -- February 21st
4. Rachel -- (3 events) February 22nd - 24th
7. Claudia -- February 27th
8. Meg -- February 28th
9. Maria -- (2 events) March 7th and March 13th
11. Mara -- March 13th
12. Kelly -- March 14th
13. Two more birthday's coming up this month, unsure of events.

It's a lot, it may make it seem that I have tons of friends, but the truth is that over half of them are contained on that list, nuts.  Anyway, did you notice that three of the events were over the weekend, two in one night, and the St. Patty's Day Parade on Sunday (with a new friend living in Southie I couldn't pass that up), so yes, it was a busy weekend.

Here's what I accomplished despite, and because of, my busy weekend:

1. Worked out!
2. Made gift for Mara (was a big hit)
3. Picked up Watchmen from library 
4. Meditated on train, was more successful than I expected and it lasted my full trip, helped me to relax about how late I was

1. Gained a new role, Best Man Lite.  Went with my friend Anastasia and her fiance Kelly to look at colors for their wedding.  I will post a picture if I can, it's gonna be pretty awesome.

1. Made St. Patty's Day shirt 
2.  Drank and played beer pong and acted crazy all day -- it was the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Southie, that's what I was supposed to do.

1. Cleaned, almost done, just have to tackle the guest room for AMDG's arrival!
2. Dropped Rachel's friend off on way to work
3. Took Rachel out to Fugakyu, our favorite restaurant, to make up for keeping her from eating yesterday due to my intoxicated desire to play another round of beer pong.
4. Picked up framed Red Sox Champion picture for "homework store".

I have fallen behind on tasks.  Will find and enjoy Pop Rocks today.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick Before Bed

1. Cleaned room (some).
2. Avoided working out -- oh oops, that's the opposite of my goal.
3. Danced in room while cleaning -- although I do feel this was cheating a little since I always do that.
4. Bought markers for school and home (mmmm.... I don't know if this counts but they were on discount and it just felt so good).
5. Bought new memory card for my camera so I can stop using Rachel's -- this certainly counts.
6.  E-mailed Shabori, my mentee, about having lunch while she's home for spring break -- yay!
7.  Watched 30 Rock* and The Office -- that should count.
8. E-mailed about P coming.

This episode kind of freaked me out a little because it started with Lemon talking about how The Container Store was going to change her life through organization, a tune I was singing earlier this week after leaving said store....

Day 9

1. Picked up more books from the library.
2. Made Chloe's Mac and Cheese recipe - notes, too creamy, don't use expensive sharp aged cheddar next time (it's all we had).
3. Finished Life of Pi - this was responsible for me not accomplishing too much yesterday.  I got to that, "I'm so close to the end I can almost taste it" point and I couldn't stop.  Of course, I'm a slow reader so it takes me a while to finish books once I get to that point.
4. Due to #3 I was unable to perform a task yesterday, but I just read about the school massacrer in Germany in El Pais. Tonight I will have a dance party.  Tomorrow meditate. Next rainy day - pink nail and Beach Boys.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Leilani! I'll be en el condado de naranja from Friday night and am hoping to see a special someone (you you you) until the following Thursday morning at which point
Melanie! and Rachem! I'll be in tu barrio from 7:08 post meridiem and am so excited (Jessie Spano) and I cannot wait! todotheFreedomTrailagainbutthistimewithyouguys and then I will leave on the 22nd in anticipation of
Lindsay! I will be at the airport at the time indicated by YOU to ME in your correo electronico of Sunday, February 8, a date 33 days before your phone interview tomorrow with big-time big-name pharmacological-relacionado entity in One Thousand Oaks, California.
There is much to do: International Tax at 6 pm tomorrow. It's ironic. I have the brew and I'll have the chronic and I don't give a shhhiiiiii about basketball. I do like the noises, though, so that's totally incorrect: I could watch basketball for hours notwithstanding my disdain for its business aspect at both the professional and collegiate level. Ms. Priscilla, tear down that wall and study into this good night. Good night!
Melanie! Tonight's Lenten undertaking is a dance party, your choice of music.

Quick Before I Run for the Bus


1. Finished organizing part 1.
2. Balanced finances made payments to credit cards, sallie mae, and savings, rent + utilities and car insurance.
3.  Shopped at Market Basket for school.
4. Took birthday present to Maria (I forgot it on Saturday - of course)
5. Came up with better idea for school for next week.
6. Didn't have pink nail polish on hand so sent Linds good vibes whenever I thought about it.

Gotta run...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 7

1. More organizing.  There's a lot to go through, I'm aiming to be done tomorrow.
2. Picked up books from library for kids
3. Drank spicy hot cocoa expertly made by my girlfriend, whilst wrapped in a blanket and reading my book.  Another great suggestion.
Whatcha got?  Bring it on!

God's Day

Sunday is God's day right?  And on the seventh day God* rested.  

1. Went to The Container Store to buy helpful organizational tools.  I'm very into buying things used and using Freecycle.  But sometimes going to The Container Store and buying something new just helps me get going.  I have to admit it.  I love that store.

2. Used new file folder to organize all important documents from 2005-2008.  Now my poor old little file folder only has 2009 documents in it and is no longer overwhelmed.

3. Used new flat and long under bed storage box to begin going through big box of mementos.  If you know me, you know I'm a HUGE pack rat.

4. This is where the rest comes in, either DB Echo's reminder to set my clock forward, which I did, was my task for the day, or I had no task.  But since God rested I figure it's okay that I did too.

*I hate when people use sexed pronouns to refer to God, if there is a God, or Gods, they are clearly unsexed beings, to think that such a supernatural power would have a sex is just absurd.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Day isn't Over Yet...

... but I'm on my way to a birthday slumber party (yes, exactly like the ones of our childhood), so this is my last chance to update today.

1. Cleaned, the whole downstairs of the house is now clean.
2. Got a birthday present for Maria - acknowledging birthdays in a meaningful way is definitely one of my goals.
3. As per Lei's suggestion (you got it in just at the last moment) I did 5 Sun Salutation A and 5 Sun Salutation B.  I'm not exactly a yoga super star, and as was previously noted I am out of shape, so it was a little challenging, but definitely fits into my goals -- great suggestion.

Here is a photo of me attempting this task for your enjoyment.


I know I was productive yesterday, I just need a moment to think........ okay fine.  

1. Prepped for Food and Fun, I made a Sesame Tahini Vinaigrette to serve with a small salad. It was pretty easy and turned out well - some of the kids really liked it.

2. Short curriculum blog update: Luck of the Irish

3. Chatted with a friend about internship options for my mentee Shabori who is interested in financial analysis.

4. I did not have a task, Linds has missed a day of her lenten sacrifice, but maybe that's okay since I did two on Thursday.  Any tasks for today?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 3

This is getting more complicated by the day, I have my own goal accomplishing and two tasks to do.  And now my girlfriend is scheming to start adding to my load.  I told her it doesn't work like that.  Okay, on to the list.

1. Called Ericco (I don't know how you spell it) about my old ID and took a new picture just in case.
2. Called my doctor's office again to leave a message about referral appointments that have yet to be successfully made.
3. Updated curriculum blog: Listening to the Needs of Your Students
This also counted as journaling about my day yesterday
4. Skipped to Chloe's house
Okay, despite D.B. Echo's seemingly insightful comment about skipping, this was a surprisingly difficult task.  It might just be that winter is my sedentary season and I am out of shape.  But it did occur to me as I was becoming breathless that we did skipping as part of calisthenics during softball conditioning.  And skipping up hill is decidedly difficult.   I must admit that I was unable to make the full 5 minute walk skipping, but I did have some fun and got my heart rate up.  And, just as an FYI, I do enjoy a good skip on occasion and am known to break out the "Wizard of Oz skip" when I'm walking and feeling light hearted.
5. And finally, after all that skipping and watching The Office and 30 Rock at Chloe's, I came home for my bath.  Since I don't have bubble bath at home and didn't care to go buy some, I hopped online to find out how to make my own.  There were some good recipes but since my only ingredients on hand were castile soap and essential oil the bath didn't end up too bubbly.  But that's okay, it smelled lovely, was relaxing, and I got in a little more time to read Life of Pi. But I must note that despite the consideration for the cold weather, the root beer float was the more enjoyable of the two suggestions.

Totally time for bed, goodnight. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 2

I'm about to turn in.  Here is my list for the day:

1. E-mailed Vicki about who to contact at Whole Foods regarding produce donations.      
Also talked with Rosanna about what official process I need to go through when acquiring    donations.
2. Updated curriculum blog: Question of the Week
3. Planned out all of March for Food and Fun 
4. Left a message with Errico Studios about my ID badge (this one has been on my list for so long - it counts!)
5. Most importantly I stopped by Emack and Bolio's on my way home for a lovely Rootbeer Float - great choice Linds.

So my only question is, do I wait for another task from Linds or do I follow P's request that I skip somewhere - I am a fan of skipping?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How I Met You: Part II

The first time we met, there was Chemistry. I mean we met in Chemistry, Ms. Smith's class. I didn't know Linds initially in class, she was the quiet girl. I learned that we had a friend in common, Tiffany. Tiff and I swam on the same club team (The Nadadores--Go Nads!); Tiff and Linds were BANDOS (band members--Go yellow MC hammer pants and high top chucks!). So I decided to approach Linds in class and try to befriend her. Yes, I tried--but totally got the cold shoulder. As I said, she was shy. Finally I broke though and we became fast friends. It was probably becase we had music in common. Her favorite band was Oasis (still is) and mine was Radiohead (still is)...

Another class that we had together was biology! Four of us would sit at the lab learning biology, dissecting fetal pigs, gossiping about school things, tap dancing on the hollow floors (ok-I think that was only me), and discussing if "The drain was clogged.*" Linds, Tiff, Fawn, and I were the darlings of biology class--the highest achievers, answering questions correctly, and just being fun. It was like having your BFFs with you all the time!!

And that is How I Met the Ninja Pharmacist! Stayed tuned for...

*"The drain is clogged" comes from biology class. A cute guy was passing the door in biology class. I clinched my teeth and said "That guy is hot!" which sounded like "the drain is clogged." Ahhh, the good ole times!!!!


I have decided what I will do for the lenten season. I am dedicating to do at least one thing everyday in pursuit of my goals. Anything from updating a blog to working out to researching grad schools. As another way to keep me on track with this dedication I will update everyday with what I have done. This will be boring, but short. Feel free to ignore them.

1. Started curriculum blog
3. Journaled about my day at school and my kids