Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick Before Bed

1. Cleaned room (some).
2. Avoided working out -- oh oops, that's the opposite of my goal.
3. Danced in room while cleaning -- although I do feel this was cheating a little since I always do that.
4. Bought markers for school and home (mmmm.... I don't know if this counts but they were on discount and it just felt so good).
5. Bought new memory card for my camera so I can stop using Rachel's -- this certainly counts.
6.  E-mailed Shabori, my mentee, about having lunch while she's home for spring break -- yay!
7.  Watched 30 Rock* and The Office -- that should count.
8. E-mailed about P coming.

This episode kind of freaked me out a little because it started with Lemon talking about how The Container Store was going to change her life through organization, a tune I was singing earlier this week after leaving said store....

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