Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AMDG and More

1. Finished cleaning for AMDG's arrival.  
2. Finished organizing old papers.
3. Picked AMDG up at airport.
4. Took my guest to Doyle's and The Midway - Queeraoke.

1. Printed map for P (AMDG) and sent her off in the direction of Harvard Square.
2. Returned to Harvard Square with P, went to Dado for tea and mochi.
3. Went to Jacob Wirth for dinner, could hear the piano bar but the seating area was full :(
4. Went to the Tam to meet up with friends, had a shot....woooo

1. Went on walk through Arboretum and Metro-West Corridor to Sam Adam's Brewery.
2. Enjoyed lunch at Ula
3. Went on Sam Adam's Brewery tour and enjoyed beer.  Bought P a souvenir. 
4.  Went of tour of North End, enjoyed a gelato and cheese cake.

1. Mini-tour of Rosi Village: Solera, Boston Cheese Cellar, and Fornax (pictured).
2. Said goodbye to AMDG :(, took her to airport.
3. Went to Deep Banana Blackout show - amazing!  - great workout! 

1. Went grocery shopping.
2. Contemplated applying for job and decided I'm under-qualified.
3. Had consultation appointment with tattoo artist.  Made appointment to get my tattoo touched up before wedding.
4. Applied first coat of hot, hot, hot pink nail polish while listening to Beach Boys - perfect activity for a frigid spring day.


  1. I love that you can see Rachel in the mirror reflection taking your picture. Now it's my turn to see AMDG and it's supposed to snow in Denver. So lame. We'll have to listen to the Beach Boys!

  2. Awesome pink toes! Yay!!

    Next task: Watch a Harry Potter movie and enjoy it, dammit!

  3. nice star...how did you get that one? :P