Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How I Met You: Part II

The first time we met, there was Chemistry. I mean we met in Chemistry, Ms. Smith's class. I didn't know Linds initially in class, she was the quiet girl. I learned that we had a friend in common, Tiffany. Tiff and I swam on the same club team (The Nadadores--Go Nads!); Tiff and Linds were BANDOS (band members--Go yellow MC hammer pants and high top chucks!). So I decided to approach Linds in class and try to befriend her. Yes, I tried--but totally got the cold shoulder. As I said, she was shy. Finally I broke though and we became fast friends. It was probably becase we had music in common. Her favorite band was Oasis (still is) and mine was Radiohead (still is)...

Another class that we had together was biology! Four of us would sit at the lab learning biology, dissecting fetal pigs, gossiping about school things, tap dancing on the hollow floors (ok-I think that was only me), and discussing if "The drain was clogged.*" Linds, Tiff, Fawn, and I were the darlings of biology class--the highest achievers, answering questions correctly, and just being fun. It was like having your BFFs with you all the time!!

And that is How I Met the Ninja Pharmacist! Stayed tuned for...

*"The drain is clogged" comes from biology class. A cute guy was passing the door in biology class. I clinched my teeth and said "That guy is hot!" which sounded like "the drain is clogged." Ahhh, the good ole times!!!!


  1. Oh Tiff, too bad we're not telling the story about how our original group of seven formed. For Tiff that would take me alllll the way back to TLC and Trabuco Mesa Elementary School.

    And FYI, the MC hammer pants were blue and the polyester short sleeved shirt was yellow, don't forget the "cool" bando baseball hats either. The high top chucks were the best part of all - I still have mine, duct tape over the holes, real Chucks, none of this Nike business.

  2. I still have my chucks too! Althought I cut mine so they are low tops. People still comment on that, too.

    Oh, AP high school biology class, how fondly I think of thee. I wonder what Mr. Van Ness is doing now?

  3. I usually wear mine with the tops folded down... soo cool!