Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 3

This is getting more complicated by the day, I have my own goal accomplishing and two tasks to do.  And now my girlfriend is scheming to start adding to my load.  I told her it doesn't work like that.  Okay, on to the list.

1. Called Ericco (I don't know how you spell it) about my old ID and took a new picture just in case.
2. Called my doctor's office again to leave a message about referral appointments that have yet to be successfully made.
3. Updated curriculum blog: Listening to the Needs of Your Students
This also counted as journaling about my day yesterday
4. Skipped to Chloe's house
Okay, despite D.B. Echo's seemingly insightful comment about skipping, this was a surprisingly difficult task.  It might just be that winter is my sedentary season and I am out of shape.  But it did occur to me as I was becoming breathless that we did skipping as part of calisthenics during softball conditioning.  And skipping up hill is decidedly difficult.   I must admit that I was unable to make the full 5 minute walk skipping, but I did have some fun and got my heart rate up.  And, just as an FYI, I do enjoy a good skip on occasion and am known to break out the "Wizard of Oz skip" when I'm walking and feeling light hearted.
5. And finally, after all that skipping and watching The Office and 30 Rock at Chloe's, I came home for my bath.  Since I don't have bubble bath at home and didn't care to go buy some, I hopped online to find out how to make my own.  There were some good recipes but since my only ingredients on hand were castile soap and essential oil the bath didn't end up too bubbly.  But that's okay, it smelled lovely, was relaxing, and I got in a little more time to read Life of Pi. But I must note that despite the consideration for the cold weather, the root beer float was the more enjoyable of the two suggestions.

Totally time for bed, goodnight. 

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