Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Day isn't Over Yet...

... but I'm on my way to a birthday slumber party (yes, exactly like the ones of our childhood), so this is my last chance to update today.

1. Cleaned, the whole downstairs of the house is now clean.
2. Got a birthday present for Maria - acknowledging birthdays in a meaningful way is definitely one of my goals.
3. As per Lei's suggestion (you got it in just at the last moment) I did 5 Sun Salutation A and 5 Sun Salutation B.  I'm not exactly a yoga super star, and as was previously noted I am out of shape, so it was a little challenging, but definitely fits into my goals -- great suggestion.

Here is a photo of me attempting this task for your enjoyment.


  1. I hope you remembered to turn the slumber party clock ahead one hour!

  2. You need to update for Sunday -- you were very productive and it deserves online acknowledgement! :-D