Thursday, May 14, 2009

Actually, It Was "Just Dance."

Do you have a public library near you?

Do you suggest any other place where I could study that is within a 3 mile radius of your abode, but preferably not 3 miles westward because the review courses are 3 miles northeastward?

Do you really really want to go to the beach on Sundays because I really want to, also?

Will you be there to welcome me when I arrive in The Bay Area and your place of residence on Sunday, May something, sometime in the eventide, but not this Sunday but next Sunday?

Would you say that your hot water gets shut off in the mornings between 7 and 9: not to your knowledge, never, rarely, occasionally, often, or frequently; at the beginning of your Day 3 of No Sleep-No Shower Challenge?

Do you concur in my suspicion that there are spiders in this office biting me, or do you suspect me of hallucinating?

Aaaaand this one is for YOU ¡!

1 comment:

    1. She had previously performed Just Dance on Ellen, but her May 11, 2009 performance was Poker Face.

    2. The nearest public library is at UCSF. It's only 0.5 miles away. There is another public library slightly further away, but I've never been to it and there are always children in the near vacinity.

    3. We can go to the beach when it's warm and sunny. Which isn't very often in the summer, but maybe it'll be different this year!

    4. I work Sunday May 24th from 12-8:30pm. I could be at the airport by 9:30pm or so. Adrian will most likely be around that day and could pick you up if you need an earlier ride. However, we need a more specific time than eventide.

    5. The hot water NEVER gets shut off in our building, up to this point at least.

    6. Hallucinating.