Thursday, January 22, 2009


Definitely not a reference to the Jesuits or to any order, although I'm sure they're an upstanding group of Catholics.

When I typed in "AMDG" to Google, which anybody could have done, by the way, I learned who uses the phrase: the Jesuits, that's fine; and some other blog that is too excited about the supposed evil of our newest presidential administration, which I guess is his call as much as it's the Jesuits' call as much as it is my call. Ironic, but it's each of our prerogatives, Bobby Brown.

Side note: "new" axis of evil = Turkey, Russia, China, per the usual criteria but especially for the chasm where their scruples would be.

No, it belongs to no one and to everyone, much like the study of the system of jurisprudence in Spain, another item I came across in my learning experience last night. It might belong to Loyola, the guy, not any of the schools, but I'm going to go ahead and speak for him and say that it's everyone's. I don't wave any flag or sign my name, nor my appellation, to a cause. I did give to "No on Prop. 8," but that's as natural to me as is buying mint tea, which is the best tea.

In closing, I need to find a red blouse to wear for my composite picture. I try to spend the least amount of time possible in that building, so I don't know that it's consistent of me to volunteer my face to appear in a composite picture of my class, but I think my mom might be upset if I don't do this, so this one's lovingly for you, madre.

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