Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Blog is Born

On Saturday morning, during a pillow talk, my friend Bekka mentioned a weblog she had been following since before "blogs" were popular.  It's a site where a group of friends from her high school post stories and pictures from their lives.  It got me thinking.  My old blog has been feeling kind of stale, and "the sexy bitches" (as we called ourselves in high school despite the fact that we were anything but the "mean girls") hadn't been doing a stellar job keeping in e-mail contact anymore.  Why not combine these two problems to come up with a solution?

I contacted my friends, and our little group of four decided that a joint blog was a fabulous idea.  Thus, a blog was born.

After much back and fourth we agreed on a name: Beyond the Orange Curtain (good work ninja and AMDG).  Orange Curtain:  n. the characteristics, real or imagined, that differentiate Orange County from Los Angeles County and the rest of California, see also:

We all grew up in SoCal, Orange County, Southern Orange County at that.  We met at Santa Margarita Catholic High School.  We all moved on, well, kinda.  The advengineer moved on to San Diego, but she's back behind the curtain again -- it's not her fault they were hiring bioengineers in good ol' Rancho.

We keep in touch, we travel together when we can, and we all lead very different and interesting lives.  Check us out:

There's Leilani the Polynesian Advengineer, residing in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.
Lindsay the Nordic Goddess and Ninja Pharmacist, residing and studying in San Francisco, California.
Priscilla the Romanian AMDG (5 points to the first person who can tell the rest of us what that means), residing and studying in Denver, Colorado.
And me, Melanie the half Mexican Kid Krusader, residing in Roslindale (read: Boston), Massachusetts.  

Seriously though, check us out.


  1. WHO has checked you out 1,115 times? I don't even need to specify to whom I'm referring. Showoff. Are we using our real names?

  2. Reading Comp ace. Actually, I like seeing the sight of my own name.

  3. That is, "appellation" instead of "name."

  4. Ummm...AMDG = Ad majorem Dei gloriam, "For the greater glory of God"?

    I forgot that was the motto of the Jesuits, and I went to a Jesuit school (University of Scrabton.)

  5. See? The Jesuits! Was Santa Margarita a Jesuit school? It was a reprehensible exercise of anti-charity and false pretense, so I don't very well recall any systemic commitment to Catholic virtues. The professors, yes, the individuals.

  6. Very cool - very interesting - could be informative - by the way the OC is more of a state of mind than a place - one can reside within the boundaries & still maintain a semblance of liberal sanity. AMDG –
    Absurdly Majestic Dream Goddess!?!