Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 31

1. Posted my questions for Ninja (see below)2. Posted criagslist and facebook ads for softball players, I'm the team rep.
3. Emailed update to Coach and other Rep.
4. Rescheduled appointment with Dermatologist.
5. Emailed people interested in babysitting service.
6. Cleaned for the arrival of Kathy and Patricia.
7. Got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor, a la Cinderella.
8. Took example Food and Fun binder to office and explained how it should be changed.
9. Forgot to return Watchmen....
10. Didn't have a task.... 


  1. Spend all of Sunday speaking in couplets.

  2. Find a new recipe to try for dinner.

  3. Why don't you click here and take the Enneagram type test?
    Apparently I'm waaaay a definite 5, somewhat a 2, and close to zero for the rest.

  4. Ooo yes a new dinner recipe! To cook for your lady... ;-)