Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mappy to the Rescue

I really do think Mappy is helping my productivity.

1. Load of laundry, put away clean clothes.
2. Called Fenway Health back.
3. Put away dishes.
4. Dumped out and rinsed compost bucket.
5. Made appointment with Fenway Health.
6. Worked-out with Rachel!!!
7. Sent bio and picture for Anastasia and Kelly's wedding website
8. Returned and checked out Library books.
9. Next step on task: Went to Library to obtain Science Museum ticket.  

The last task was more difficult than expected because the woman was rude to me.  She took out the MoS calendar and started spitting out dates the tickets were available and then acted put-out when I asked her if I could see the calendar myself because I was having a hard time keeping track of all the dates she was giving me.  I don't understand.  Do people treat her badly?  Is that why she took it out on me?  But I was being pleasant, why spit in the face of the nice people?  Are you trying to get them to be rude to you too?  Maybe she thought I wasn't deserving of the free tickets?  Meh.

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