Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hi friends.

My spring break was last week and I visited AMDG in Denver, Colorado. When I told people I was going to Denver, invariably I was asked a) was it going to snow or b) would I be snowboarding or skiing. My answers to above were "I hope not" and "hell no."

I think this attitude must have cursed me because it dumped a foot of snow on my first full day in Denver. I have never seen snow like that in my life. I mean, it really did snow allllll day. And let me be very clear about something: I hate snow. It's cold and wet--what is so cool about that? Maybe I shouldn't have gone to Denver, but I wanted to visit AMDG and when else was I going to get a chance to visit the Rockies considering my aversion for all things wintery?

The upside to the snow was that AMDG's law school classes were canceled that day so we had all day to try and avoid the snow. I really wanted to go to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art for a Damien Hirst exhibit, so we set out after breakfast despite the blizzard. We decided to take public transportation, which would have worked out nicely if we didn't have to transfer from light rail to bus. By the time we got off the bus and were only like 2-3 blocks from the Museum, we were so cold that I made AMDG take me home. I think the conversation went like this:

Ninja: I'm cold, can we go home?
AMDG: We're only like 3 blocks from the Museum.
Ninja: I know, but I can't feel my feet. Can we just go?
AMDG: No, we're almost there.
AMDG: Ok, let's go.

When we got back to AMDG's apartment we were greeted by the nice little suprise of snow inside the house. I guess that's what happens when there's a blizzard outside and you leave your windows open. Haha. I have pictures, it was amazing. Although not quite as amazing as AMDG cleaning it up and clearing off the balcony the next day while I watched. Heeheee.

Friday arrived with no more snow (horray!) and I managed to make it to Starbucks on foot. As AMDG found, I am incredibly unpleasant when uncaffeinated and so I will go to great lengths to obtain caffeine. And food, especially Jalapeno Cheetos, which are AMAZING and you must try. I introduced them to AMDG and some of her friends, and they are quite the delicious snack. Not too cheesy, not too spicy. Perfect.

Friday was also the Sangria Showdown. I will only say that AMDG was robbed. Sangria should not be so sweet that your mouth puckers. But the party was fun regardless, and now I know how to make quiche and a super-yummy secret desert that I can't share with you over the internet because it's a secret. All I will say is that Nutella + Marshmellows = sunshine and rainbows for your mouth.

We had big plans for Saturday, but considering we spent most of the morning watching Celine Dion in concert, we got kind of a late start. We did make it to the Coors brewery however, after eating some tasty burgers at Elway's, the restaurant owned by John Elway. AMDG tried to convince me to ask our waiter who John Elway was, but the waiter was French and I chickened out. I should have done it, but I'm lame. Sorry AMDG, next time.

Sunday was my last day in Denver and it was BEAUTIFUL. We went to Boulder, cruised around listening to the Beach Boys with the windows down (my favorite thing to do), and walked around a park. We ate icecream in the sunshine and it was awesome. Probably the best time all weekend.

Now I am back in rainy SF, getting my butt kicked in school and it's only the second week. I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for a great vacation, AMDG, and I can't wait for you to come stay with me this spring!

Love Ninja


  1. Great post! I love the conversation between you and P. I could almost hear it. And you made labels! Yay labels. Miss you!

  2. Linds made the labels because she wants to tell the world about Jalapeño Cheetos.
    What about telling the world about the Coors brewery tour? It's the banquet beer!
    And the real reason for the snow storm (ahem spite ahem)?

  3. Ahhh Denver! I glad it didn't really snow when I went because I love the snow, but hate being cold. We should all go to the GREATE AMERICAN BEER FESTIVAL next year...start saving.

    When are we going on vacation together...bc I REALLY NEED ONE!