Thursday, April 2, 2009

Two Days

I'm tired, I may not remember all....

1. Finally called car insurance company to find out if I really owe them money, yes, I do, now what to do about it...
2. Another load of laundry.
3. E-contested my parking ticket.
4. Wrote to my supervisors about my interest in greater responsibility -- in other words, I need a promotion.
5. Posted babysitting ad on Craigslist, now to just respond to the interested parties.
6. Posted old TV on Freecycle.
7. RSVP'd for Harvard Prevention Research Center community partners meeting.
8. Bought new allergy meds.

1. Last load of laundry -- phew!
2. Bought gardening bags -- it's that time of year again, Rachel's very excited.
3. Updated Curriculum Blog: A Focus on Reading.
4. Cut, pulled and hacked at dead plants.
5. Filled out Food and Fun proposal (after 5+ months of running club).
6. Wrote to friends about joining Rachel and me at the MOS, our library ticket is valid for up to four people.

New tasks???  I won't officially be done with the previous task until the 14th when my museum ticket is valid.

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