Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Okay, time for some reader feedback -- I know you're out there and you're reading so let us know what you think.  

If you've visited before you noticed I've made some changes, I enjoy reading pages with a background color -- not white -- what do you think?  How about the other color changes?

Do you think we should make any other changes or additions?  More information in the sidebar?  Less information in the sidebar?  

And finally, what do you think of my nickname?  Kid Krusader?  Is it as boring as I fear it may be?  Anyone have any ideas?  Read my profile for more info on me and suggest a better name.  5 points to the person who comes up with the best suggestion -- I'm such a teacher.  No one got any points last time because AMDG announced what her name meant before anyone had a chance to respond.


  1. Hmmmm. I'm not in love with the color scheme at the moment - not enough contrast, I think - but did you also change the font? It looks different.

    I like "Kid Krusader." It suggests that you are actively pursuing a goal, trying to perform a quest. Though, forgive me, I'm a little unclear on what your specific quest is.

  2. Kid Krusader is good for you, you chose it for a reason. What else are you thinking of?
    If you're giving me a points incentive, though, I'll think of something. I already have 5...

  3. I like Kid Krusader, but I also like anything that even remotely hints at being a super hero, one with mutant powers or stunning ninja skills, or something even cooler that I can't even begin to imagine.

    I also like the blog - it makes we want to read it and post. Please no embarassing pictures. Actually it would be cool if we got final say in any pictures that were posted. I am trying to keep up my secret identity :)

  4. I like the colors..blue and orange. They are complimentary! Though I think something more soothing would be nice to look at, but I guess "orange" should stay.

    Can you make the page smell calming with aromatherapy, is that possible? B/C that would be SO nice!

    As for miss Kid Krusader-- I like the name, but it is more important that YOU like the name. We could call you "flexy-bendy" from that time you got really drunk at Sun God and puked sushi all over my floors.... =)

  5. Flexy-bendy is so much fun. Lei, you have some of that going on, too, plus some major abuse towards your wingwomen. Two one! Two one!
    Throw in any smiling/winking/aw shucks emoticon right here...

  6. Ah yes, AMDG is corrent. Avengineer has also thrown up on feet before. But considering it was her 21 bday and it wasn't MY feet, all is forgiven.

    I like the orange on orange background, by the way.

  7. I happen to like the orange, and the name Kid Krusader (I won't even post the silly ideas I had originally run by KK...) You certainly love kids (well, babies, but kids too) AND the "Crusader" part of your name definitely captures your passion :-D