Sunday, February 1, 2009

How I Met You: Part I

I don't like to date myself. So I don't think I will. How we all met was quite awhile ago. Each of us were associated by the extracurricular activities and classes that was high school. I swam on the same club team with AMDG (Go Nads!), I had Chemistry with Ninja Pharmicist (Go Ms. Smith!- was that her name?),and I went to the same junior high with Kid Krusader (Go Road Runners!). Since each story of how I met each of them is unique, I am going to break up this story by post. This is about how I met Kid Krusader.

I didn't meet Kid formally, her reputation (for me) preceded her. For some reason, before I even met her, I was told that she was a human preztel and could put her feet/legs behind her head and that she dated some guy name Tony. That was junior high. What a weird impression to have before meeting someone. I bet she didn't even know I knew that. =) How I really met her was through our mutual friend Fawn (yes, like baby deer). I think they were in the band together. I knew Fawn through other friends in my classes. In high school Kid was in a program called Integrated. She was in the program with my BFF from elementary school, Christin. What a small world! Nothing too interesting about our meet. She was a really nice person...who all the boys wanted to date!

And in a nutshell, that is how I met Kid Krusader. Next week...


  1. We're 26! We SHOULD date ourselves!
    I want some story about how you cajoled Melanie into turning herself into a pretzel and she rolled down a hill and that's why she has a curious aversion to German snack foods. Something like that. I know you, Leilani, I know you.

  2. Did you know she also does not like"sweet breads"?

  3. Hahaha, I did not realize that you knew about my pretzel abilities before we met. I don't recall knowing that, that reputation preceded me. I thought people only thought of me as that girl with short hair who looked like a boy (captain winky) or tink - my two nicknames. Or maybe as "the girl who fell out of a tree". Maybe we met before those things happened to me. If memory serves me right Tony and I dated for two event filled weeks in December of 7th grade.

    Also, I certainly was not the girl "all the boys wanted to date". Unless by "all the boys" you mean my little brother's friends, and then yes, that was me.