Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is what my email would have said to you had I written an email today

Hi friends.

How long ago did we start this blog? Like a week or so, right? And how long did it take me to forget my password? Yup, exactly that length of time.

But give me a break--I have 6 midterms in two weeks and a project due the week after exams end. And I would much rather read your posts than study, so keep them up. I am very much looking forward to reading about how I met Avengineer. I'm sure she'll say something about me being bitchy, but yes her name was Ms. Smith, and yes she listened to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It's amazing how I absolutely loathed high school chemistry and yet, 90% of my classes are chem classes. Someone has a sense of humor. Somewhere.

Oh, and Kid Krusader, your post was very informative. I had no idea that was the Rick Warren from Saddleback. I try not to associate with Christians, only jaded Catholics.

See you in two + weeks, Ciaooooo.


  1. hey, Friend. I'm not jaded. I'm ecstatic! Why is anyone jaded? In any case, how could you not know? Besides for lame television shows and their lame soundtracks, what else does Orange County have? It would implode were it not for the coolness of one Leilani [last name here]. AND Social Distortion.

  2. AWESOME! I make sure OC doesn't implode...with our powers would EXPLODE!!!!!