Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is why people have kids :)

Hi again.

So if you want to see something funny, go to You Tube and search "Kid on Drugs" posted by christiquinn. Trust me, it's totally not what it seems like. Apparently, parents think it's funny to videotape their kids on drugs after getting a tooth pulled. I agree with them. It's soooo funny. I can't wait until I have kids. That's when I'm gonna get me a videa camera!

I wonder what drugs he was on?

(Note from the editor.  This video was marginally hard to find.  Here is the link, it's called "David after the dentist", but it's the same thing.)


  1. You WOULD want to know what drugs the kid was on...So Ninja of you!

  2. I just discovered that we can comment on the posts. How is it that everyone else seems to know what is going on in the Blogosphere, except for me?

    It only took me 3 tries to remember my password this time. Success!

  3. I totally saw that video!! that was Hilarious...poor kid, that will be his memories shared by millions of people.