Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why SMCHS Still Affects My Life

This is going to be an ongoing post for me, and I welcome any feedback or suggestions:

These are just some of the reasons Why SMCHS Still Affects My Life:

1. I have to resist the daily urge to wear a ribbon in my hair
2. The name of my dream band would be The Sue Mills Sluts
3. I still plan outfits for events weeks ahead of time because I am scarred from being forced to wear uniforms every day and then having to scramble to find an acceptable outfit for 'free dress' days
4. I think it's weird that they let the boys at the high school where my boyfriend teaches have facial hair
5. AMDG absolutely refuses to even consider talking about going to our 10 year reunion next summer
6. I can still maneuver through an entire day in a skirt/dress and NOT flash my underwear

To be continued...


  1. HAHA! Awesome.

    2. Love it! - can I play bassoon in it???
    3. It was years before I stop using a systematic method for choosing my daily outfits - my college friends still bring it up and make fun of me
    4. I was just talking about this with a co-worker the other day
    5. We HAVE to wear her down - I think it'll be funny
    6. I still hold the bottom of my skirt when I'm walking up stairs - not that I walk up stairs in short skirts nearly as often, and not that my skirts are half as short as they used to be.

  2. 1) What.
    2) Maybe I can attorn for Sue Mills. Total dream job!
    2.1) Woman of many talents! You play the bassoon?!
    3) "Free dress days." So grossly self-incriminating that I, nope, still don't feel badly pointing it out.
    4) Nor could we wear black socks; nor could our socks be below the ankle; nor could anyone spike their hair; nor could anyone drive their dirtbike through the hallways; NOR COULD WE GO INTO THE GROTTO TO PRAY UNLESS WE WERE FOOTBALL PLAYERS; nor could we be valued; nor could we be considered equally.
    5) I'm not going. Have a great time.
    6) I've never, ever worn a skirt in my life ever as short as what I wore at that school. Does anybody remember the dean-imposed ban on skirts?
    7) Really? "Go Eagles?" Let the record show that I contest.

  3. Number 1 reason why that school still affects my life --> When I walk by a cop on the street, I still immediately roll my shirt to make it look like it's tucked in.

  4. Hah, your last comment was awesome P.

    What do you suggest I label posts about SM (go eagles is supposed to be a joke)?

    other ideas:
    And He will raise you up....
    Our Lady Queen of Victory - pray for us (although that is sports)
    That school we went to
    Capital of Conformity
    Or SadoMasochism at its finest

  5. Didn't realize that it was supposed to be a joke! Pardon me and blame the trauma for that self-absorption. Do you remember at sports events, how they would announce Santa Margarita? SSsssssssa-anta MmmmmmmAAAAAAArgarIta. Mmm margaritas.

  6. How SMCHS still affects my life!

    1) I love plaid.
    2) I wish I could still wear uniforms so I don't have to think about what I will wear to work tomorrow. (Though I wear the same 5 dress pants to work- 1 for each day)
    3) I think of Fridays not as Hawaiian shirt day, but as "free dress" days.
    4) Can we four have a 10 year reunion?
    5) When I see the SMCHSers around town I think of you.
    6) Pushing Alex's old bug for a rolling start...